Academy Awards Week



Grab your popcorn, wine, candy or favorite snack for award season! We will be glued to the TV on February 24 for the Academy Awards, and with each ceremony comes the infamous fashion reviews. We cannot wait to see what hits the Red Carpet! Let’s take a fun moment to channel our inner Joan Rivers and look back at last year’s worst dressed list. These gals may need some help, and the Johnathan Kayne team has some possible alternatives for them.

Emma Stone:
Emma Stone has captured America’s heart. This year she is nominated for best actress in a supporting role for The Favorite. She usually has a great fashion sense, but last year, her attire was a little lacking. Not THE worst, but we have come to expect more from the La La Land star. We think she would be a favorite in Jonathan Kayne’s 9044 in red. The open back and feather-like bottom make an unlikely duo, but perfect for the star on the rise.

Viola Davis:
On screen, Viola Davis usually plays the strong unforgiving female lead similar to the hardcore criminal in her Academy nominated film, Widows. Last year, it was nice to see the leading lady in something other than her usual tv ensemble—bland neutral-colored suits. The hot pink color made her look less than sizzling, and the cut of the dress did not do her any favors especially with the misplaced bra lining around her chest. We demand to see Davis is a polished look with a large sash to enhance her curves such as style 9051. Viola Davis in a mermaid dress would steal the show.

Salma Hayek:
Salma Hayek stopped the show in this dress, but for all the wrong reasons. As much as Hollywood stars try, boho and wacky colors do not mix. And as hard as she might, Hayek will not be able to make it a fashion hit. She has a stunning silhouette (especially for being in her fifties) and should celebrate them instead of hiding behind the ruffles that make this dress an eyesore. Her body needs a mermaid. Style 9001 in black has golden lace that highlights the details and contour of the body who wears it. Now if she stopped the show, it would be for all the right reasons.

Maya Rudolph:
We love love love Maya Rudolph. The funny comedian is known to be a master of impressions, but her 2018 ‘dress’ did not leave us with a good one. The color choice of her dress shows her adventurous side, but the shape hides her body. To make matters worse, the awkward turtleneck makes her look like she wants to go back into her shell. One does not need to sacrifice style for a conservative look. JK’s 9052 is what happens when two worlds collide. It has long illusion sleeves and a high neck with ruffles to accommodate a traditional taste, while also sporting an open back and mermaid cut for fashion flair. People might have a hard time laughing at her jokes as they admire her look, but that IS a sacrifice we would be willing to make.

Emily Blunt:
I’m gonna be blunt about it. The 2018 Oscar’s dress is not Emily Blunt’s best work. Her snow-white skin clashes with the grey overtones of the gown. Meanwhile, the random strips around her bust make an awkward appearance. Because of her Mary Poppins snub, this year she will be able to play the supporting wife. Her husband’s film, A Quiet Place, received a nomination for best sound editing. Our suggestions? Stop being so serious. Kanye’s style 9121 is a lively black number with a low back, sweetheart neckline, and fun looking disks that shimmer as you walk. Emily might not be getting any trophies but her husband will at least one take one home *wink*.

Honestly, all of these women are amazing. Their talents and achievements are incredible and we are so thankful that these women and others around them work so hard at keeping us entertained and inspired. Everyone can have an off day with choice of wardrobe, and we hope that this year they choose something that helps them Feel Beautiful. Until next time…