Colors of Love – Valentines Inspired Fashion

It’s that time of year again! Valentine’s day is right around the corner. Get ready to be pampered with balloons, teddy bears and chocolates. Most V-Day dates are casual and comfy with your #1, but let’s fantasize about a night that calls for THE perfect evening gown. Who knows, Cupid could be working some extra special magic this year.  

Step one: Color. The different hue of colors presents a tiny glimpse into who a person is–or who they want to be. Here is what each Valentine’s Day tone announces to the world about you.

Let’s begin with a clean slate…literally. White is the perfect color to channel your inner angel. The pristine essence of this hue shows you are bright, thoughtful, and pure. It shows courage to wear a color that can be easily tainted with a flick of the wrist. Flaunt your inner goddess with style number 6113 in white-nude. The mermaid-shaped dress has shimmery sequin lace, long sleeves, and a plunging neckline.

Take a second, and think of the color pink. Chances are cute, romance, cotton candy, bubble gum or something in-between might have come to mind. It’s the universal shade of love. Blush and millennial pink have taken over with their perfect, pretty, pastel tones, excellent for any celebration. To look as sweet as a cupcake, try JK’s Style 8072 in hot pink for a dress that has sides cutouts, an open back, and a double slit skirt that show off those long legs.

Red can be fun, flirty, and fiery. With record cold weather, it’s time to turn the temperature up a notch. Slipping into a cherry red or candy apple dress will noticeably increase the heat. Sexy or Sweet? Why not both? Johnathan Kayne has been able to successfully create the perfect pantsuit and evening gown hybrid. Style 9023 comes with detachable pants and skirt bottoms that allow you to switch between both, depending on the mood.

Can you image Audrey Hepburn in anything besides her little black dress in the iconic opening scene of Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Of course not! Black is cool, commanding and sometimes cliché. Its mystery drives the fantasy. Every girl has one–and if they don’t, they need one. It’s the perfect go-to dress for when you don’t know what to wear. Nothing says powerful and cryptic like style 8016 in JK’s new collection. It’s open back, clenched waist and halter top accentuate your best features. Rose-gold jewels descend the length of the dress making it a classy dress for a classy girl.

On Valentine’s Day, yellow is usually a good accent color, but not the central attraction. It’s the ribbon on the red box or the yellow envelope containing the pink, glittery, love card. For that reason, it’s the best color to wear because it’s unique and eye-catching. Release your free spirit. Yellow dresses are hard to come by, thankfully JK has style 7242.  This one-of-the-kind dress has a sweetheart neck, a snitched embroidered waist, and a dramatic skirt. Be bold and stand out among the red and black dresses of the world.

Be yourself and pick whichever hue makes you feel like the queen you are, feel beautiful. 

Xoxo – Team JK