Mardi Gras


Mardi Gras is a crazy fun and funky tradition that we LOVE. To prepare for this unique holiday celebration in March, we thought that a short history crash course was appropriate. Also appropriate: GORGEOUS COSTUMES! Dive into some history and dress up in our favorite Johnathan Kayne Mardi Gras inspired gowns.

The carnival is honored by all corners of the world including France, Colombia, Russia and several more. Nothing beats the festival in New Orleans, LA where it was made an official holiday in 1875.

Every year, “The Greatest Free Show on Earth” is created by people in private and non-profit organizations. They are the ones responsible for making it a weekend to remember—or forget.

1886 was the first year parades were introduced to the carnival. Beads, cups, and doubloons fill the air as people in elaborate costumes pack the streets. Johnathan Kayne’s style 9000 might be something you see in the parade. The exaggerated ball gown with black and gold stripes, and train scream Mardi Gras.

It’s also common to see beautiful masks in royal purple, forest green, and glittering gold colors.  In 1892, the three iconic colors were hand-picked by the King of the Carnival, Rex.

Fun Fact! During the Roman Empire’s reign, the purple fabric was so expensive only rulers could afford it. It’s been since linked with royalty. And it’s no coincidence that the first color chosen by Rex to represent the festival was purple. It was selected to represent Justice. Kayne’s style 7244 in Grape, is as royal as it gets. With long bell sleeve, a lacy and off the shoulder top, it will do anyone who wears it justice.

Pop Quiz! What does blue plus yellow equal? Green.(Also the next color picked to represent Mardi Gras.) Although it’s usually associated with the outdoors—duh. Green was chosen to represent Faith. An emerald mermaid gown with gold jewels and matching lace is the perfect representation of this color. Have faith that style 8211 will bring out the best in you.

Nothing says power more than gold. Luckily, gold is not only a currency but also a color. It was chosen to represent power. Can you name a bigger power move than making gold the official color for a celebration?

The two big G’s, gold and gowns, are the best team. Style 9093’s uniquely layered ballgown design and open back will make you look like a million golden coins.

We hope you have the opportunity boogie down to this most extravagant, extraordinary, and exorbitant party! If you are partying like a royal this year, have fun! We wish you safe travels.