Winter Blues

The holidays are over, and the cold is setting in. With no warmer weather in sight, the winter blues have made it to the Johnathan Kayne office. The team here at Johnathan Kayne all agree that cold bones are hard to warm, but there is one thing that makes the frost a little more bearable.

A chilly day is the best time to stay in for movies and snuggling with your warmest blanket. Check out some of our favorite films that send us to fantasy-land and keep our minds off the dreary weather. We have matched some of our favorite new styles from the JK 2019 collections to the fashionable characters that we think should be wearing them. JK Fan challenge; next time you watch a fun fantasy flick, watch out for any fun fashion and tag us with your picture on social media using the hashtag #JKwinterblues.

Until we thaw again…. Xoxo JK

The cheerful and upbeat attitude of Anna will be sure to warm your heart, even if inside you feel like Elsa. Elsa is the Queen of Arendelle with secret ice powers. On the eve of her coronation, she accidentally loses control of her powers and flees. Her younger sister, Anna, then decides to bring her back. These two daring sisters may be vastly different, but both have a unique fashion sense. The next time these sisters get into a tangle, we hope that they will be dashing off in a dramatic Johnathan Kayne Gown. Style 9035 is adorned by showing clear crystals that match Elsa’s Icy personality. Anna, in many ways the hero, would stand out in her own glistening stretch knit number Style 9071. Who knows? Maybe in the sequel…

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe
With beautiful shots of snowy forests and icy mountains, who doesn’t want to go on an adventure in the back of a closet?! Four siblings enter the world of Narnia through the back of an armoire and have to fight the dark forces of the evil White Witch. *Insert costume change* The outfit choices of the White Witch often includes large dramatic A-line dress that is made of bulky material that looks like it’s hard to move in, especially in the snow. It would be nice to see the white witch in something sleek and modern. Style 8235 is a sleek trumpet with silver beading that hugs all the right curves.

Harry Potter: Any & All
Harry Potter movies can send you into a completely alternate universe, and the best part? There are nine of them! (After crunching the numbers, I found that it only takes about twenty hours to watch all nine films). All of the films revolve around Harry, Ron, and Hermione, three best friends, that attend a school for magical folks. They cast spells, learn about charms—oh and try to escape the clutches of he-who-must-not-be-named. One of our all-time favorite strong-minded leading ladies, Hermione fights for what she believes in. We would love to see her attend the Yule Ball in a gown that amplifies confidence. Style 8204 in royal blue demands attention with its open back and plunging v neckline. One way to “STUPIFY” without ever touching a wand.

Wonder Woman
Still cold? Wrap up your winter marathon with an action-packed blockbuster that will pump the blood and put your DIY skills to the test making your very own metal cuffs. Set during World War II, the state all nations is in chaos and there’s only one warrior-goddess that can save the planet. Diana Prince a.k.a Wonder Woman was born and raised in a secret society where she learned how to kick tush and look good doing it. In the last act, Wonder Women is serving a look that would snatch anyone’s wig. This bewildering beaut has a lean and muscular physique that is perfect for going undercover, just like she does to get information at the enemy’s ball. Next time she wants to crash a ball, we suggest Style number 9046. The detachable cape would conceal her weapons and create an eye-catching detraction for a speedy get away.