Mardi Gras is a crazy fun and funky tradition that we LOVE. To prepare for this unique holiday celebration in March, we thought that a short history
    Grab your popcorn, wine, candy or favorite snack for award season! We will be glued to the TV
It’s that time of year again! Valentine’s day is right around the corner. Get ready to be pampered with balloons,
The holidays are over, and the cold is setting in. With no warmer weather in sight, the winter blues have
  Prom season 2019 is here, yay! For many teens, it's the very first time to dress up for a   Miracles are defined as extremely outstanding or unusual events, things, or accomplishments.  Imagine if the
Nashville, TN, Nov 8, 2017 -  The 51st CMA Awards were a huge success for all those in country music.
Stella Parton walked the red carpet looking like a dream in her custom Johnathan Kayne ensemble. Dolly and Stella (sisters)
Love…we are all searching for it and I think it’s truly one of the most beautiful and complex things about
      My collection is inspired by my mother, Judith Kaye Smith. A very strong woman that unknowingly taught
Total Divas is a reality TV series on E! that follows the life of WWE superstars, like our friend CJ
Breakout artist Tally aka Tallyraps was set to perform at the awards show, with her wardrobe created by another designer.
FASHION D'LUX is the premier annual luxury runway show for Charlotte, NC. The founders of the project partnered with PAC
During the height of prom season, store owners and designers alike switched gears to celebrate new collections for Fall 2017.
In the South, O'More College of Design is "THE" school to learn everything fashion. Each year Kayne gives back to
Last month Kayne and Joshua visited our production facilities in China. Our designers came back raving about their experiences, and
After Kayne and Joshua design our collections, we have numerous days in the photography studio to shoot images for our
Nashville: Music & Murder This thrilling new title written by local New York Times Best Selling author Tom Carter. Tom
Our Spring 2016 line featured our "Hunger Action" gown, Style 346 in emerald. We pledged to donate the profits from
The designers get inspiration from beads, colors, Pinterest, cities, countries, food, you name it! While in China they create a
Not only did our designers learn a lot while working hard all day in the factory but while in China
Ever wonder how our designers, Johnathan Kayne and Joshua McKinley, get the inspiration, fabric, beads, and create the dresses for
Working in Music City often presents unique opportunities. This month country artist Lindsay Ell and her stylist John Murphy worked
Sexy, dramatic fashion? Check. Fierce models? Check. Triple-shot venti sugar free hazelnut skinny latté? You better believe it! It takes
What does Florida Georgia Line, NYC Models, ABC's TV Series Nashville, and Johnathan Kayne have in common? All came together
The Harmony Award given by the Nashville Symphony is an annual award given to some of Music City's biggest names.
  Celebrity Designer Fights Hunger with Glamorous Fashion is the title of the blog that Kayne wrote for National Charity
We are always so proud of our celebrity designer Joshua McKinley! This month he helped make life long memories for
  Our brand manager, Nacona, interviewed one of NBC's newest reality successes after being styled by Kayne for a couple
Let's face it, girls in our gowns melt our hearts. This month we interviewed Rivers Countiss of Oxford, MS about
This month 14 young fashionistas from the local Boys and Girls Club ranging from 8-12 took a special field trip