What our retailers are saying:

We at Cats Formals were looking for a Designer that had an edge and was a step ahead of the game. We found everything our customers wanted in Johnathan’s designs. His unique way of draping the female form highlights every type of woman’s body and gives every one of our customers confidence when wearing one of his gowns. Working with Johnathan and his amazing staff has always been extremely exciting and easy. We here at Catz Formals look forward to working with him for years to come.

~Tammy and Chris Newton, Catz Formals

Lex’s of Carytown has worked with Johnathan Kayne since the beginning and we could not say enough positive things about Kayne and his whole team.  Kayne really listens to the retailers and helps to design in a way that does not take away from his creativity but helps the retailer provide customers with what they are asking for.  We look forward to working with Johnathan Kayne for a very long time, he is not only our favorite designer but we are also proud to call him our friend.

~Lisa McSherry, Lex’s of Carytown

We have been working with Johnathan Kayne for years and our love for him and his gorgeous creations only grows year after year. Johnathan always delivers fun, beautiful, and creative works of fashion art that we just can’t get enough of!

We started working with Johnathan because of his outstanding love for his career, his excitement for life, and his amazing designs. His dresses are designed with the consumer in mind. On top of his consumer-conscious designs, Johnathan’s attention to detail is outstanding. From his textiles to the trimmings and findings, he is constantly blowing us away.

Throughout our many years of working with Johnathan, we have never been disappointed. He makes it his priority to always put our needs first and does everything in his power to make every woman feel beautiful. Johnathan never lacks in working actively and collaboratively with both us and our clients.

We consider ourselves lucky and blessed to carry a designer as incredible, dedicated, and hard-working as Johnathan Kayne in our store. His love and devotion to fashion make him an irreplaceable person and exemplary designer. Over the years he has become more than just a designer we carry in store, he has become a close friend.

~Kathy, An Affair to Remember

I’ve been in love with Johnathan Kayne’s unique style since my competition days. His designs always seemed to have that extra “umph”. When I opened my store, I wanted to carry quality, unique, and affordable clothing and Johnathan Kanye offers all of that. He thinks completely out of the box. Our clients love how many of his pieces have transitional qualities. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to styling and Johnathan understands that. He also has an amazing team of hardworking, kind, and dedicated people. As a new store, I often have questions and need guidance. They always are there to answer my call, provide direction, and even teach me the ins and outs of this business. I look to them as a resource. Often, I feel like a number to some designers. With Johnathan Kanye, I feel like they truly care about my success and want to develop a lasting partnership.

~Shana Williams, Cecile Boutique

To me it is a pleasure to be able to carry Johnathan Kayne in my store here in Miami, as I love his fashion forward style. The uniqueness, workmanship and materials are exquisite. The looks are modern and stylish. These are some of the factors I look for when deciding to carry a line. And Johnathan Kayne has them all.  So happy with my decision!

~Barbara Blanc, Bridal Boutique by Barbara

I have recently purchased my store and I was looking for a designer who was new for us and had designs that were not like everyone else.  Johnathan Kayne has filled that niche for us and my customers love it. If someone comes in looking for something a little different, I immediately show them something JK. This usually ends in a sale! I love working with you all and orders are shipped and received in a very timely manner.

~Dena Upton, Upton’s Bridal and Formal Boutique

We chose to work with Johnathan Kayne because we found his designs to be unique, beautiful, and of extreme high quality. We felt welcome from the moment we walked into the show room at market and fell in love with him, his work, and his entire staff. We were familiar with his name prior but finally realized what everyone was talking about when we saw the designs for ourselves in person. We were so impressed with how his company handles business and how personable he himself was with his clients. We are so thrilled to carry his line in our store and will continue to use him and recommend him to anyone! WE LOVE JK!

~Margaret & Jenny, Petals & Lace Formal Fashion

I heard about Johnathan Kayne carrying different looks, and sorta taking risks with his dresses. I love his mission behind his brand. At RaeLynn’s I like to carry an assortment of dresses and for the Indy population give the Mid-west girls an opportunity to see what others nationwide are wearing.

One step into his showroom and you are surrounded with love, friendship & so many unique styles. It has been an honor and privilege to carry his designs in our stores. His friendship, and his team have made a true difference to not only RaeLynn’s, but to myself and my family.

~Alison, RaeLynn’s Boutique

What our Celeb / Specialty clients are saying:

“Johnathan Kayne is a DREAM to work with…”

I am so happy to now have a life long relationship built with Johnathan.  He is so amazing in what he created for the Martina McBride tour.  His extreme talent, and professionalism is truly a breath of fresh air!  He also worked so quickly under such a short period of time, and stayed cool as a cucumber through the whole process!  And, the finished product made everyone beyond thrilled! Thank you, Johnathan, for your impeccable taste and wonderful vision.

~Renee Layher, Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist

We couldn’t be happier about this experience… Not only were the pieces Kayne designed for us absolutely perfect, but he is so super down to Earth. He had a way of making it all really fun.

~Lee and Sara Brice,  Country Music Star

Johnathan Kayne designed and made a new look for the Thunder Girls in their third season. His uniform is still one of the most professional and glamorous looks that I have seen on any NBA dance team. The girls still comment on how well the uniform fits and how it will always be one of their favorites.

~Paige Carter – Dance Team Manager, Oklahoma City Thunder