Fit for a Queen

This week on Project Runway All Stars, the designers were tasked with creating a look that was fit for royalty, but with a fresh and modern spin. The challenge took place shortly after the coronation of King Charles III, which was the main inspiration for this team challenge.

In this challenge, Kayne was not designing alone and was paired up at random with his fellow All Star, Viktor Luna. The designers were given a budget of only $1,000 to create a look fit for modern royalty, but this was enough for Kayne and his partner to execute their vision. They wanted to create a look that was fit for a modern queen, such as Beyoncé, or Queen Bey as she’s lovingly known. The pair had a strong creative direction, which resulted in the creation of a bold and regal gown, complete with a corset over the bodice. The two of them managed to create a look that was not only strong and powerful, but also soft and feminine. The material of the gown had a beautiful flowing effect on the runway, all while keeping the powerful aura of a queen. The deep color of the gown’s fabric embodied coronation couture!

These two definitely created a look fit for a queen.