Joshua McKinley – 2018 Inspired

Love…we are all searching for it and I think it’s truly one of the most beautiful and complex things about life and humans. You fall into it and out of it with the hopes of finding the one true love that will last a lifetime and for all eternity. This collection and these designs are about that complex journey to find love, comfort, and security and when you do, bask in it with such confidence and luxury that no outside forces can have any influence on you.

With that said, BREAKING NEWS: I fell in love this past year! It’s not “FAKE NEWS” but I know what you’re thinking “Damn, he’s off the market!” Well let me calm you, not with a person…I reawakened my love and respect for New York City.  It may sound peculiar, but love comes in all shapes and sizes…as do our dresses! Wink-wink!

This collection has influences from my early uninhibited days as a design student at The Fashion Institute of Technology, where going out on the town with your friends and exploring the city in outrages outfits was the norm, all the while having the ability to just embrace the freedom of creativity that this city enables you to have. No one was watching over you to tell you yes or no, it was you discovering you! That discovery is really what has molded me as a designer and what has helped to bring this collection to life. As I have matured and developed here in NYC over the past 10 years there are pieces in my collection that are outrageous and innovative, then there are pieces that are more subdued, sophisticated, and thought-provoking.  If you look at Style # 8043, it portrays the layers and the levels of this historic city from a 3-D embellishment feature. Then you get a glimpse of a Studio 54 dancing diva in Style # 8110.

I fell in love again because I began to look at New York City from a different perspective.  As I have always known, it’s hard; it soft, it’s a take-no-prisoners landscape but it always works out the way it is destined to.  As in Frank Sinatra’s song “New York, New York” “if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.”  That is how I feel about this collection and these dresses.  There is a variety of design styles and a juxtaposition to all of them but as a whole there is a beautiful harmony. It can be a “go-with-the-flow” moment like Style # 8090 or it can be fitted and tough like armor resembling Style #8042.  Whichever style speaks to you the loudest is truly the fairest of them all and what would become of “love” if it weren’t for fairytales!?

I’m sorry the clock struck 12, if you find my glass slipper can you bring it to market; I can’t wait to see you all!