Meghan Linsey Interview



Our brand manager, Nacona, interviewed one of NBC’s newest reality successes after being styled by Kayne for a couple of appearances here in Nashville.

I live under a rock when it comes to television, but I’ve heard that you just took 1st runner up on the show “The Voice,” right? 

Yea, I recently competed on Season 8. It was awesome. There were a lot of really long days, but I really thrive on hard work. Seeing the payoff in the end was a huge confidence booster. Just knowing that America was voting for me and cheering me on, brought life back into my work.

You had a pretty successful career before the show too, right?

Well you could say that. I’ve been working in Nashville for about 11 years. For the first part of it, I played with a group called Steel Magnolias. I’ve been working independently for the past 3-4 years.

Switching gears a little. I know some artists could care less about what they are wearing. How does fashion play into your life?

I love it. Fashion and style in general are a big part of my life; I’m really into reinventing my look. I even have a style blog on my website where I talk about fashion and new products.

That’s amazing I’ll definitely check that out. When were you introduced to Kayne? What caught your eye? 

It seems like I’ve run into him or his work over the last couple of years. I can’t remember what show she was at, but when I saw Kellie Pickler in that navy dress I was in awe. She looked incredible.

You had some events this month where you wore his designs. How was working with him? 

Working with Kayne was a breath of fresh air. he was so accommodating and had some amazing ideas. As a curvy woman, it was great to work with someone who understands a woman’s body and caters to that.

What did you wear, and how did you feel? 

So comfortable! I wore a solid black two piece for a cover shoot for the Nashville Arts Magazine and a powder blue cocktail while hosting the GLAAD Awards. I was so thankful that they fit so well!

Just one last question. What are you going to say to Beyonce when she is stalking you behind stage for information on Johnathan Kayne?

(After some laughter) Girl, you’ve got to call him. Let me get you his number.