In Episode 3, designers faced the “most feared” challenge – the unconventional materials challenge. This week designers had to make whimsical looks out of toys from one of the most iconic toy store, FAO Schwarz. With $2,000 to spend, each designer goes crazy grabbing materials to make their vision come to life. Kayne spent his money and time at FAO Schwarz grabbing stuffed panda bears, umbrellas, floor pianos, and more as his unconventional materials.

Kayne’s unconventional materials challenge outfit on Project Runway was a hit with the judges and viewers alike. Using the toys from FAO Schwarz, Kayne created a whimsical yet stunning ensemble that transformed from a baby-blue poncho into a smoking-hot mermaid gown. The bleeding panda-bear boa accessory added to the delight and uniqueness of the design, earning Kayne the well-deserved recognition from the judges placing him in the top for this week’s challenge.