Red Hot

The theme of episode 5 was red–and lots of it!

Mentor Christian Siriano hand-selected the single bolt of fabric that all the designers were required to use. The catch was that all of the 11 remaining designers had to use the same bolt and decide themselves how all 110 yards of fabric would be divided between the All Stars. This left each designer with roughly 10 yards of fabric after being divided.

This challenge was a true test of each designer’s ability to stand out from the crowd and channel their distinct design aesthetics. This was an interesting challenge, as it not only saved the designers from the stress of a Mood shopping run, but it was also purely a design challenge since they couldn’t rely on fabric choice or patterns to to distinguish their looks. It was all about the artistry of fashion design.

Kayne created a stunning gown using his signature draping technique with a plunging neckline. The dress was elegant, but also sexy — what more could you ask for? The material created a beautiful flowing effect on the runway, stealing all of our attention.

It’s safe to say Kayne’s look was RED HOT!