Birth Stone Style: The Garnet


January is here which means 2022 is in motion. We’re celebrating all the January babies who are starting this year off older and wiser by taking some fashion inspiration from the Garnet birth stone. The deep red color leads to sexy and romantic styles that are sure to start your new year right, and will lead you right into a romance filled February. Each style takes direct inspiration from a trait of the garnet birth stone.





Protect Your Confidence 

Showing your curves is always a powerful way to embrace confidence inside and out! The garnet stone is known for providing protection on a long journey. Let this gown act as your protective layer and show you how beautiful you are. Style 2406 is always going to be a favorite because of it’s unique feather skirt. This sexy deep red dress is perfect for celebrating your birth month.







Bringin’ in Business

Smart style is going to be in this year. This sleek pantsuit sets you up for success in interview, or any special event. The garnet is often said to bring strength to business, so what better to represent that then with a sexy, velvet pantsuit? The boss babe look, style 2325, is sure to empower you from the outside in? Where are you wearing this piece?







Royalty Ready

I can never forget about our January Sugar Kayne Kiddos. Style C138 is a true princess dress that will grab you by the heart. This sweet piece makes our littles feel so beautiful, and that is essential for starting the year off on the right foot. Just like the Garnet, this gown was made for true royalty. Don’t forget the special matching cape that is included with this style as it gives this look a perfect final touch.







Heart Ache Relief

In ancient and medieval times the garnet stone was used to soothe and mend the heart. To me, this is exactly how you’ll feel in style 2416. This romantic style is inclusive of every age, and has a sweet and stylish charm. Even if you don’t love the January birth stone this style rolls right into the romance of Valentine’s Day for an epic date night outfit.








You are sure to shine bright in one shoulder sequin gown, style 2190. In the story of Noah’s Ark the garnet was used as a source of light, the same way that you will glisten from anywhere in this sexy style. This gown will continue to be a favorite on and off the pageant stage for it’s fit and timeless elegance.


Which element of the garnet stones speaks to you most? Share your style with me on instagram and hashtag it #jkJANstyle