Traveling Overseas

Last month Kayne and Joshua visited our production facilities in China. Our designers came back raving about their experiences, and now we would like to share some with you!

For those whom are not familiar, our creative design process starts with Kayne and Joshua’s sketches. Each style is sent to our factories with “tech packs” full of construction details and material selections.

Our facilities create a sample based on the details sent. Once the guys arrive in China, they have the opportunity to make sure the samples turn out to their specs. All of the translations have to come out perfectly for the sample to be created to their vision. Kayne has mentioned that it is rare that a gown is created exactly like he envisions.

The time they spend in China is primarily revising the samples for the best collections possible. Countless hours are spent choosing new colors or fabrics, or creating entirely new styles from inspiring new fabrics and beading.

Once our team arrives at markets with samples, a ton of time has been spent on each style making sure the fit, quality, design, and price will make it a great seller for your store.

“When you show up to the design studio, there are new fabrics that would make a drag queen lose her wig. Sometimes you just have to stop what you are doing and drape a masterpiece.” ~ Joshua McKinley